Friday, August 5, 2011

In Search of the Rose Notes by Emily Arsenault

Released: July 2011

With a shared love for the paranormal, pre-teens Nora and Charlotte spend every afternoon obsessing over the supernatural with their babysitter, 16-year-old Rose. One day, Rose eerily disappears while walking home and ironically, Nora is the last person to see her alive. Nora and Charlotte use their vivid imaginations to conjure reasons for Rose's disappearance, thinking it may have something to do with alien abduction or some type of otherworldly entity. Using their paranormal Time-Life books as guides, the two girls try to locate Rose by using magic spells and holding seances. After years have passed and Nora and Charlotte are adults comfortable in their own separate lives, the remains of Rose are discovered and Nora is inexplicably pulled back to her hometown. Nora soon realizes that when viewing the disappearance from an adult perspective, she may have known what really happened to Rose all along.