Saturday, January 2, 2016

Eleanor by Jason Gurley

eleanor by jason gurley
Released: January 2016

Eleanor was initially self-published by Jason Gurley in summer 2014, and was picked up by Crown Publishing later that year. Eleanor caught my attention because I normally can't resist haunting stories about twins who have been separated. The novel's genre is best described as literature with a twist of sci-fi/fantasy, since it involves otherworldly elements.

When death shatters a family

Eleanor is just six years old when her twin sister Esmerelda is thrown from the car and killed in a violent accident. Now, eight years later, Eleanor's family is completely torn apart. As the surviving twin, Eleanor feels guilty and blames herself for Esme's death. Her mother Agnes is now an alcoholic and drinks herself into a stupor 24/7, and Eleanor's heartbroken father Paul can barely make it through the day without feeling pangs of sadness.