Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November by Georges Simenon
Released: 1970

I first discovered Georges Simenon in 2005, when a fellow reader sent me a copy of The Cat. Unexpectedly, The Cat wildly impressed me, so I became borderline obsessed with Simenon, and embarked on a mission to obtain and read every other book he'd written that I could get my hands on. Which leads me to this review for November, which is just one of numerous novels by this prolific writer.

November is named accordingly because (duh!) its events take place during the month of November. But don't let this commonplace title sway or deter you from this fun and awesome book.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nursing Home Ninjas by Al Stevens
Release Date: February 2013

Nursing Home Ninjas is the latest cozy mystery novel by Al Stevens. Although Stevens is largely known for writing computer programming tutorials, he has also written and published a number of fiction novels.

87-year-old Marvin Bradley lives in a nursing home, but still has his wits about him. In fact, Marvin is so perceptive that he's noticed that many of the other nursing-home residents are starting to sport bruises and other noticeable injuries. Since nobody on the nursing-home staff takes Marvin seriously regarding his suspicions that the residents are being abused, Marvin begins to investigate.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It Takes Two to Strangle by Stephen Kaminski
Released: September 2012

It Takes Two to Strangle is Stephen Kaminski's first novel, featuring amateur sleuth Damon Lassard as the "Dabbling Detective" in this new mystery series.

Former professional baseball player Damon Lassard has recently settled into the small, fictional community of Hollydale in Arlington, Virginia, to be near his single mother. Having no major need for a job after his baseball career left him financially secure, the 31-year-old handsome lothario keeps busy with a number of activities that include volunteering at the local library, serving as president of the Hollydale Citizens Association, and pining over his crush, the beautiful local weather girl Bethany Krims.