Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yours for the Taking by Robin Kaye

Released: January 2011

Yours for the Taking is Brooklyn-born author Robin Kaye's fourth novel and first stand-alone. This novel is entertaining and cute if you like contemporary romance, although a bit far-fetched. Romance is not one of my favorite genres due to its predictability factor, but I'll give Yours for the Taking some credit for its unique spin.

Ben Walsh is a handsome, sexy, successful businessman who wants to inherit his grandfather's ranch in boring Idaho. The catch, however, is that Ben must be married and settled down for his grandfather to give it to him. Because Ben is such a playboy, he must find the perfect woman willing to marry him but ONLY as a business venture. Ben chooses Gina Reyez, a sexy latina with attitude and promises her loads of money for her and her family if she will marry him and play the role of wife for his grandfather's benefit.

Of course Ben falls irresistably in love with Gina and vice-versa, and as romance novels go, they live happily ever after.

What makes Yours for the Taking fun is that for the first portion of the novel, Gina assumes Ben is gay. You'll laugh out loud when you first realize this is how the book is going to play out, but it's too soon when Gina learns that Ben is not really homosexual after all.

From a fantasy standpoint, Robin Kaye makes Ben's character super hot and sexy! It's easy to get carried away and think about being romantic with Ben, although Gina is annoying and too much of a diva. I also really like how Kaye writes the sex scenes. They aren't too corny and are super sizzling without being too dirty and pornographic.

I would say if Robin Kaye can get away from the cheesiness and predictability of this genre and just focus more on either writing sex scenes or a more realistic plot, her success as an author would sky-rocket!

Robin Kaye's other novels are part of a "Domestic Gods" series that include Romeo, Romeo (2008), Too Hot to Handle (2009), and Breakfast in Bed (2009).

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If you enjoy contemporary romance, I highly recommend novels by Barbara Bretton. Her books are incredibly romantic and more realistic, meaning I can relate more to the characters.

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