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Death of a Dreamer by M.C. Beaton

Released: February 2006

Death of a Dreamer is the 22nd book in M.C. Beaton's Hamish MacBeth cozy mystery series.

After a long, cold, and icy winter in Scotland's Highlands, Lochdubh's local police constable, Hamish MacBeth calls on a new local resident named Effie Garrard to see how she has fared throughout the season. Upon visiting Effie, Hamish believes her to be delusional and a bit crazy; especially when she becomes obsessive and claims that the new local painter and womanizer named Jock Fleming has asked her to be his wife. Days later, Effie is found dead on a hillside with the remnants of poison in her system, so Hamish begins to interrogate all the potential murderers. With the help of Priscilla Halburton-Smythe, Hamish's former fiance and current friend, Hamish eventually uncovers the identity of Effie's murderer.

With Death of a Dreamer being the 22nd installment of an extremely successful and enjoyable series, fans will adore and appreciate the ongoing story-lines, which are nearly punchlines at this point of the series. Hamish continues to be the object of affection for nearly every woman in town; while at the same time, we sense the ongoing tension between him and Priscilla, who has finally ended her engagement with another man.

Characters new and old are both introduced or brought back into the story; such as female detective Robin Mackenzie from a neighboring Scottish town who arrives to assist Hamish in his investigation, and reporter Elspeth Grant, who had dated and then was shunned, by Hamish.

M.C. Beaton is my all-time, favorite cozy mystery writer. Death of a Dreamer never disappoints because her novels are extremely humorous; however, the mysteries are sometimes so batty and goofy that I feel they are impossible to solve. By book 22 in the series, we've already established caring and endearing relationships with the characters, which is the most enjoyable aspect of all.

Following Death of a Dreamer is Death of a Maid (2007), Death of a Gentle Lady (2008), and Death of a Witch (2009), which is book 29 in the series.


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