Saturday, December 10, 2011

Joy to the World: A Victorian Christmas by Hart, Grossman and Dunhill

Release Date: January 1990

Joy to the World is what I like to call a coffee-table book, and is more or less a scrapbook filled with Victorian artwork, images, and antique collectibles, and accompanied by text that outlines the history of Christmas.

As seen in the photo snapshot above, the cover of Joy to the World as well as the similar content inside is aesthetically pleasing to the eye for those with an interest in Victorian paraphernalia or scrapbooking. From a reading standpoint however, the text in the book that outlines the history of Christmas is dry and reads too much like a textbook to be remotely engaging.

Although Joy to the World has a one-time reading value, flipping through the book provides readers with a feeling of nostalgia and for some, may become a holiday tradition.

Joy to the World is not exactly reading material for young children (yeah - thanks Mom, for giving this book to me when I was 12 years old), but is more suited for adults who enjoy serious brain candy and of course the Victorian presentation. The book also serves as a perfect Christmas decoration for your fireplace mantle or your coffee table.

Fans of Joy to the World may also enjoy A Victorian Christmas: Sentiments and Sounds of a Bygone Era by Cockrell and Baldassari (2008) and Old-Fashioned Christmas Postcards by Gabriella Oldham (1989).

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