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Fighting Fate by Louise Clark
Released: April 2012

Louise Clark is the author of six historical and contemporary romance novels, all of which will soon be re-released into e-book and print formats. Fighting Fate is Clark's seventh novel.

Dreamworld's Synopsis

Faith Hamilton is a beautiful, young, and dedicated office worker who spends much of her spare time with her mother and sister. In addition to these very attractive qualities, Faith has another special, secretive ability - one that allows her to draw her family's ancestors from the past and into the present. Aware that her unique ability may cause her to seem freakish and rejected by the men she dates, Faith sticks to her solo lifestyle.

At work, Faith can't help but be unwillingly attracted to Cody Simpson, her company's sexy but stubborn computer department manager. Meanwhile, in her personal life, Faith functions as the beacon for Andrew, her ancestor from the 18th century who keeps returning to present time to escape numerous dangerous and treacherous incidents from his own time period.

As she begins falling for Cody, Faith must determine if her feelings for him are strong enough to let him in on her secret - and whether she can face his rejection when she tells him the truth about Andrew and her special "time-traveling" ability.

Dreamworld's Review

Fighting Fate is an impressive, unique time-traveling tale. Clark takes her time revealing the details about Faith's and her family's "time-traveling" abilities, which in turn, motivates readers to glide through the book with determined ease. The story is written in such a realistic manner, that readers will find the plot details fascinating and quirky.

Most of the setting in Fighting Fate takes place at Faith's office, which is surprisingly entertaining given the office environment is quite typical and familiar. Many of the frustrations that occur in Faith's business life are both easy and fun to relate to, which adds a nice balance to the contemporary romance and time-travel elements.

The sparks that fly between Faith and Cody are subtle, yet sexy, and readers will be pleased with Cody's reactions to the roguish Andrew from the 1700s.

All in all, Fighting Fate is fun and enjoyable, and I highly recommend it to all fans of contemporary, historical, and time-travel romances.

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  1. My favorite time-travel romance book is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, the same you included at the end of your review! I didn't stick with the series though, I got bored after the sequel to Outlander.

  2. Somewhere in Time by Richard Matheson is one of my favorite time travel books - and the movie was also decent. Lynn Kurland also writes many good time travel romance stories. Time travel is a very nice element to add to contemporary romance novels and I might have to read Fighting Fate because I also work in an office but hate my boss.

  3. Sandra Hill's Viking books are some really fun romance time travelling books. They are very hilarious and fun to share with book clubs and friends.


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