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Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson
Ebook Release: February 2012
Paperback Release: January 2013

To all fans of erotic romance: You'll really dig Kelly Jamieson's Rule of Three! I personally enjoy the occasional erotica novel here and there, but this author's style is so hot, I've already got her other titles added to my reading wish list.

The book cover for Rule of Three suggests that a woman (who's got to be no other than the infamous actress Hayden Panettiere, although this info hasn't been published anywhere online yet) is involved with two men in a threesome triangle.

Kassidy is a sexy and beautiful twenty-something brunette who has just moved in with her sexy, studly, muscular, sandy-haired, golden-skinned boyfriend Chris. After a very hot sex-in-the-shower scene on page 2 (wow, hot sex already on page 2!), Kassidy and Chris venture out for a night on the town in Chicago to meet Chris' long-time best friend Dag (that's an interesting name but hey, it's masculine because it starts with the letter 'D').

Upon meeting the flirty, confident, dark-haired, light-skinned, and wiry Dag (a physique slightly different than Chris' but still sexy as hell), Kassidy can't help but feel the sexual fire flaming in her womb for Dag. After Kassidy spends time with Dag on a few innocent outings (he was helping me shop, Chris, REALLY!), the Kassidy/Chris/Dag threesome end up at a dance club, where Kassidy and Dag seductively dance as Chris watches. The chemistry between Kassidy and Dag turns Chris on so much, that he decides to initiate a threesome upon arriving back to their home. Apparently, Chris and Dag have quite the threesome history from their college days.

From this point forward, Rule of Three is an erotic whirlwind of multiple threesome experiences that will most likely force you to set the book down for an o-face break (or two, or three).

What makes Rule of Three great is that the sex scenes are unhurried, and written so well and accurately, you're basically getting classy porn in a book format. Sure, I've read tons of erotic romance, but the scenes in this book are actually far better than most editions of the (factual/fictional?) Letters to Penthouse.

Additionally, the plot and story in Rule of Three isn't as far-fetched or unbelievable as those found in most other gaudy erotica romance, which is ultimately the clincher, and partly why I fell in love with this novel. The concept of a true scenario in which three people fall in love with one another is a bit out of the norm for our society as it exists today, and poses an interesting premise: Exactly how does a consenting threesome experience a real relationship without jealousy problems? How do you present your relationship to the rest of society, friends, and family?

Some of Kelly Jamieson's other erotic romance novels include One Wicked Night, Love 2 Love U, Taming Tara, and Power Struggle.

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  1. Girl, you are so funny! Letters to Penthouse OMG some stories I read are scandalous I'm telling you!!! Do the men get it on together in this book? I so want to read it!

  2. Hi Brian! Haha - Letters to Penthouse can be scandalous, but for some reason I am inexplicably drawn to even the nasty ones.

    In regards to Rule of Three - yes, there is a bit of man on man action - all tasteful and erotic. You should definitely get this book! You'll probably really like it! :)

  3. I really like this review and how you said the plot isn't annoying and fake. I have problems reading erotica too because most of them are far-fetched. This book sounds really ooh lala sexy! Thanks for writing about it.

  4. That totally has to be Hayden Panettiere on the book cover. It looks like she has short hair, which is Hayden's latest hairstyle. I have seen Kelly Jamieson's books online and they look very good. Will have to give this one a try.


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