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In the Manor With the Millionaire by Cassie Miles
Released: July 2008

In The Manor With The Millionaire is just one of many romance novels written by Cassie Miles (a pseudonym for Kay Bergstrom). This novel is part of the Harlequin Intrigue series, "Curse of Raven's Cliff."

During 2012, I went through an off-and-on phase in which I craved nothing but Harlequin suspense romances. I purchased this book on one of several buying binges.

The title of this novel reminds me of the board game and movie Clue: "Madeline Douglas, in the manor, with the millionaire (and a candlestick? No - his son)," and the power to, well, seduce, I guess.

In this novel, a somewhat nerdy (though beautiful of course, DUH!) teacher named Madeline Douglas is on her way to Beacon Manor in hopes of securing a private teaching position for an autistic child named Duncan Monroe. After battling treacherous, rainy weather and finally arriving at the mysterious Beacon Manor, Madeline finds herself flustered when she meets Blake Monroe, Duncan's sexy and (manly!) irresistible father.

After seeing that the nerdy (but oh, so sexy) Madeline connects with his autistic son, Blake hires her on the spot, much to his apparent (but fake) distress. After Madeline settles in, she realizes that Duncan appears to have some sixth-sense ability that allows him to communicate with ghosts from the ancient past of Beacon Manor. Is the Monroe family truly cursed, or are the spirits simply trying to communicate with Duncan to warn him and his loved ones of impending danger?

In The Manor With The Millionaire is everything you'd expect it to be: fun, cheesy, romantic, and predictable. By now, everyone in the world should already know that the romance genre is the bestselling book genre of all time. So why would you, as a reader, choose In The Manor With The Millionaire over other books? Because it allows us smart, bookish nerd-women to fantasize about sexy and handsome muscle-bound hunks who will find us irresistibly attractive due to our sexy-smart brains, and live with us happily-ever-after. What - you don't read these types of books for that same reason? Liar!

Although you can see the denouement of this novel coming from a mile away, you probably won't care. You'll be too busy dreaming about the romantic passion that flares between Blake and Madeline for every night you spend reading this book. Miles really does pen a great romance novel.

In regards to my experience with this book - no complaints here! Every reader needs a fun break from intense literature for the fun, romantic romp that In The Manor With The Millionaire provides.

Other novels by Cassie Miles include Sovereign Sheriff, Unforgettable, Midwife Cover, and the upcoming Hostage Midwife.

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What are your favorite romance novels? Do you read Harlequin romances, and if so, which are your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below!

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