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Rogue Angel: Solomon's Jar by Alex Archer
Released: September 2006

Rogue Angel: Solomon's Jar is the second book in the Rogue Angel series, which is written by a team of authors known as Alex Archer under the Harlequin label. At the time of this writing, there are 43 books in the Rogue Angel series - quite the fruitful reading journey if you enjoy series!

In Rogue Angel: Solomon's Jar, Annja Creed (who is Joan of Arc's descendant, or successor) is on a mission to track down the real Solomon's Jar, of which rumors had said it was last spotted somewhere in the Middle East. Since Annja is on a mission of God (or for the good of mankind, as Annja often says), she hopes to claim the artifact to prevent it from falling into the hands of a person interested in using the jar to summon demons for personal gain.

On her journey, Annja encounters members of a cult and other religious zealots who try to obtain Solomon's Jar, but also befriends a few allies that share Annja's same interests for the good of mankind.

Annja's character is like a female Indiana Jones on crack. Her background as an archaeologist, as well as her fighting skills (not to mention Joan of Arc's sword she can pull out of another dimension on demand) make Annja the ultimate bad-ass. Rarely does Annja find herself in a predicament she can't fight her way out of. Also, Annja's unmatched beauty, intellect, and adventurousness is reminiscent of Tomb Raider's Lara Croft.

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In addition to being jam-packed with action and adventure, Rogue Angel: Solomon's Jar is chock-full of accurate and descriptive details about history and archaeology. The amount of research and knowledge invested in the writing of this novel is evident, which is surprisingly unexpected given the series' Harlequin label (the king of mass-production).

Overall, this novel is fun, entertaining, and full of extensive knowledge on mythical and historical entities.

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Have you read any books in the Rogue Angel series, and if so, which are your favorites? What do you think about the series? Share your comments with us below.

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