Thursday, June 26, 2014

One Foot in the Grave by Jeaniene Frost
Released: April 2008

One Foot in the Grave is the second novel in the "Night Huntress" series by Jeaniene Frost. While I loved the first novel in the series called Halfway to the Grave, I actually chose to read One Foot in the Grave because it qualified for June's Monthly Keyword Challenge at Bookmark to Blog. "Grave" was actually one of June's keywords.

One Foot in the Grave picks up about four years later, and Cat Crawfield is now working as a Special Agent for the government to control the world's undead population. Having spent four years without Bones -- her vampire lover -- Cat spends most of her time working and avoiding the dating scene. After she meets the vampire who had turned Bones years earlier, Cat learns that there is a price on her head, which is not surprising given her reputation as the world's most bad-ass vampire slayer.

While attending her best friend's wedding, Cat finally reunites with Bones, who then teams up with her agency to battle evil vamps. Along the way, Cat learns more about her vampire father who raped her human mother years ago from whom she inherited her supernatural vampire abilities.

Unfortunately, One Foot in the Grave failed to capture my attention as the first book did. The novel started out great, but I think I appreciated Cat much more as a rogue vampire slayer than as part of an official government agency. I also felt that this novel lacked the charm and wit that was so abundant in its predecessor, as well as a satisfactory amount of steamy, erotic sex scenes between Cat and Bones. In fact, I think I'm so disappointed that I probably won't pursue any more of the books in this series.

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