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Demise in Denim by Duffy Brown
Released: April 2015

Demise in Denim is the fifth book in the "Consignment Shop" mystery series by Duffy Brown. This southern cozy mystery series takes place in Savannah, Georgia and features the amateur sleuthing adventures of Reagan Summerside, consignment shop owner.

Duffy Brown and her publishers are always generous enough to send me copies of the Consignment Shop novels prior to their release dates. Receiving her surprise packages in the mail are always a real treat! I pushed all other reading to the wayside this weekend just so I could tear into this latest, especially since Brown's novels continue to get better and funnier with each new release.

Boone is on the lam

Demise in Denim opens with the police trying to chase down Reagan as she drives lawyer Walker Boone's red 1957 Chevy convertible disguised as Boone himself. We come to find out that the hunky, street-smart, sexy lawyer is the prime suspect in the murder of his father, Conway Adkins, who was recently found dead in his bathtub. While Boone lays low, it's up to Reagan to put her sleuthing skills to the test to figure out who really killed Conway and why, so Boone's name can be cleared and the two can live happily (or whatever it is that's going on between the two unlikely lovebirds).

A life of blackmail

With the help of her dancing-teacher, martini-drinking, Cher-loving Aunt Kiki, as well as best friend Chantilly and Bruce Willis the dog, Reagan sets out to learn as much as she can about the people who were closely connected to Conway before his death. Reagan soon finds out that Conway was being blackmailed by those who wanted his job, as well as his inn. Additionally, Reagan learns that Conway's other son Tucker, who had grown up as the privileged rich kid (while poor Boone struggled growing up on the streets), may also be a suspect, in that Tucker wanted to inherit the inn, and may have framed Boone for their dad's murder as a result of Boone inheriting the inn instead.

Prepare for lots of laughs

If you thought the other four Consignment Shop mysteries were funny, you're going to love the hilariousness of Demise in Denim. Brown does a great job blending humor with numerous pop-culture references, which makes this latest a fun, sassy addition to the series that any cozy mystery reader of any age will enjoy. While Reagan's many mishaps are indeed ridiculous, they're not too over the top to the point where they're distracting and take away from the actual plot. Demise in Denim is a fun page-turner, maybe more so than Brown's previous novels.

While reading Demise in Denim, you'll notice that Duffy Brown has gotten into quite the comfortable groove with this series. There's nothing to disappoint; the characters are funny, Boone is still incredibly alluring, and the ongoing sub-plots continue to go strong. I love how Brown introduces hints of upcoming plots in this novel that will leave readers anxious to read the next installment!

I'm growing a bit concerned about Bruce Willis' (the dog's) diet. All those hot dogs, doughnuts, cookies, mac and cheese, and other "people" foods are going to rot that dog's teeth and lead to health problems later on! However, I'm sure the series wouldn't be as amazing as it is if it lacked a certain level of zaniness.

I devoured this book in less than 48 hours, and I'm sure other fans will, too! I'm already eagerly awaiting the next Consignment Shop book. Thank you for the hours of laughs and entertainment, Ms. Duffy Brown!

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  1. Thanks so much for the fantastic review of Demise in Denim. That you had fun with Walker, Reagan, Auntie KiKi and the gang sure makes my day! Hugs, Duffy


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