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Betrayed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
Released: October 2007

Betrayed is the second novel in the House of Night series by P.C. Cast and daughter Kristin. I've already fallen in love with this series but sadly, the novels are far too short! (This one sat at a fast-paced 310 pages.) I'm so excited I've got book #3 on deck (Chosen), which I'm considering tackling next after writing this review!

Zoey settles into her new role as Dark Daughters leader

Betrayed picks up only weeks later from the ending of Marked. Vampyre fledgling Zoey Redbird has settled into a good rhythm with school and is happy with her new group of friends. She's still seeing gorgeous vampyre upper-classman Erik, and has even found herself flirting with Loren, the much older and incredibly handsome poetry teacher at House of Night. Zoey even manages to forge a somewhat-friendship with arch enemy Aphrodite -- a beautiful but venomous blond and former leader of the Dark Daughters.

After Zoey hears a disturbing conversation between Aphrodite and mentor Neferet regarding the accuracy of Aphrodite's visions of future disasters, Zoey can't help but wonder why Neferet is trying to discredit Aphrodite's visions. Zoey meets up with Aphrodite to learn more about Neferet's odd behavior and what she's trying to hide, and learns from Aphrodite that she's seen a vision of Zoey's grandmother dying. As if that weren't already unsettling enough, Zoey learns that teenage football stars from nearby human schools are disappearing. Zoey then teams up with her friends to find out why local teenage boys are disappearing, and who's behind it.

Zoey's ex-boyfriend is back for more

Just when we thought Heath was a thing of the past after Marked, his character comes back to tempt Zoey by willingly offering her his blood. Heath has also managed to shape up his act and no longer drinks or parties; plus, he's been studying harder at school in an attempt to impress and win back Zoey.

Unable to resist Heath's delicious blood, Zoey decides to rekindle their hot romance so she can dip into his life supply and experience what she knows as true ecstasy. At the same time, Zoey continues to juggle her relationships with Erik and Loren until she can figure out who she truly wants to spend her life with.

Funny and sad, but all-around creative

I had forgotten to mention in my review of Marked about how the Cast duo expertly blends witchcraft with vampirism. The vampyres in the world of House of Night frequently call upon the elements for ceremonies, guidance, and inspiration, and all of Zoey's new friends seem to have natural affinities for each of the elements (which I'm guessing is part of Vampyre Goddess Nyx's plan to align Zoey with a powerful inner circle).

Betrayed ends with major cliffhangers! Not just one or two, but MULTIPLE cliffhangers! I'm dying to talk more about them, but those spoilers would ruin this review. Let's just say I'm dying to read Chosen, which is the third book in the House of Night series. I'm excited to see just how much more powerful Zoey and her "coven" become in the books that follow! Of course, I always love a good love triangle. (Or in this case, a love square or love quadrilateral? Hee hee.)

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