Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Denial: A Memoir of Terror by Jessica Stern

Released: 2010

Denial: A Memoir of Terror is the true story of a rape victim who investigates her own case - experienced and written by terrorism expert and author Jessica Stern.

After receiving an email from police lieutenant Paul Macone regarding Stern's unsolved rape case from years before, Stern dives headfirst into confronting her deepest fears and overcoming her trauma. In the process, she conducts intimate interviews with members of her family and victims of the same rapist.

The first half of Denial is absolutely riveting. Stern's style is blunt and stunning, and no matter how rough and difficult the content itself is, the book is hard to put down. Although many of us like to skip introductions and prefaces at times, I highly recommend NOT doing so in Denial. The preface in this case will pull you in and engender genuine interest in Jessica's story.

The second half of Denial is not as enjoyable as the first half because it becomes repetitive, especially concerning the monotonous interviews with the rape victims, which are all nearly identical. In addition, I expected more pieces relating directly to Jessica's expertise on terrorism as the book's synopsis indicates, however this is not present.

Denial is a great story about Jessica Stern's healing process, and I would definitely recommend this book to people wanting more insight on post-traumatic stress disorder or to those who are trying to overcome their own traumatic experiences. Stern's strong voice is a beacon to victims of all crimes.

Jessica Stern is also the author of The Ultimate Terrorists and Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill.

              The Ultimate Terrorists    Terror in the Name of God: Why Religious Militants Kill

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