Saturday, June 26, 2010

Every Boy's Got One by Meg Cabot

Released: 2005

International bestselling author Meg Cabot brings original flair to chick-lit novel Every Boy's Got One, a novel about a love-hate romantic relationship comprised solely of emails and journal entries written by the characters.

Jane Harris is an eccentric cartoonist with a cult-following, while Cal Langdon is a successful entrepreneur and bestselling author. When both are summoned to Italy by their best friends who plan on eloping, we witness the constant bickering between Jane and Cal become sweet banter by the book's end.

While the idea of reading a novel written through email and journals may be off-putting at first, this is simply not the case once you begin reading because the characters are so colorful and energetic! Jane is modest, yet especially boisterous and contagious with her sarcastic humor and clumsiness, and we actually find out through other supporting characters just how beautiful she really is.

Cal's approach to love and romance is also endearing and entertaining, mainly because anyone who has fallen in and out of love can relate to his skepticism.

Every Boy's Got One is another great "feel-good" novel that you can pick up without needing to be in a specific mood. It has that hard-to-put-down element that will have you speeding through it to reach the end. The novel is part of Meg Cabot's ongoing "Boy" series, which doesn't need to be read in any specific order.

I've yet to be disappointed by a novel from Meg Cabot. If you are interested in more of Meg Cabot's work, I highly recommend reading The Princess Diaries series (which has also been made into a movie series featuring Anne Hathaway), The Boy Next Door, and Size 12 is Not Fat. Given my past reading experiences with her, I'm sure any of her many other titles will be largely enjoyable!

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