Thursday, July 8, 2010

After Dark by Phillip Margolin

Released: 1995

After Dark is Phillip Margolin's fourth novel written in the courtroom-drama style Margolin has perfected since its release in 1995.

Tracy Cavanaugh is a smart, successful up-and-coming law clark who lands a position working under the prestigious Matthew Reynolds, a legendary defense lawyer. Tracy finds herself involved in the middle of a massive plot and case involving the murder of a judge by his accused ex-wife named Abbie Griffen; a famed prosecutor who coincidentally also happens to be Matthew's love obsession. Thus unravels a complicated story involving murders, set-ups, and lies, lies, lies.

I am a huge fan of Phillip Margolin, but After Dark is not one of his best works and I wouldn't recommend it unless you're a die-hard courtroom junkie.

Out of all the characters in the book (of which there were MANY we were introduced to; too many in my opinion!), Matthew Reynolds stands out as the most unique. It's easy to get excited about After Dark as we learn more about Reynold's character, but the rest of the novel is just not as engaging. The barrage of small details and new characters completely overwhelm the story in its entirety, and it is immensely easy to become distracted.

The ending of After Dark is predictable, but satisfying. There's no need for me to reveal more; no need for spoilers.

My favorite book by Phillip Margolin so far has been Sleeping Beauty (2004), and I recently read The Associate (2001) which was also enjoyable. Margolin's latest novel is Supreme Justice (2010).

 Sleeping Beauty (Margolin, Phillip)  The Associate  Supreme Justice: A Novel of Suspense

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