Thursday, July 29, 2010

The ESP Affair by Alison Tyler

Upon picking up The ESP Affair, I had no idea I was in for such a fun treat and that Alison Tyler is so prolific in her erotica, not to mention talented as well!

The ESP Affair tells the story of how modest, prim and proper school-teacher Connie Morris deals with a mysterious dream lover who (lovingly) haunts her dreams and fulfills her most erotic fantasies. Connie's husband Ron just doesn't meet her sexual and emotional needs anymore, perhaps due to the fact Ron has been cheating on her behind her back. With support from her best friend-cum-sexual siren Marla and with help from a mind-reader named Joseph, Connie must deal with this new crazy twist life has just thrown at her with hopes she can find love along the way.

Just like men who buy Playboy magazine for the pictures (NOT the articles, seriously!), women like to buy erotica novels for the steamy scenes; we won't lie. Alison Tyler is definitely a master in the erotica category with sizzling sexual chemistry between her characters. The ESP Affair does not flow and transition in a literary manner and is difficult at times to grasp due to its choppiness, but is well worth the experience.

The plot and story is of course far-fetched in regards to the ESP aspect and its scenarios are over-the-top dramatic, but these components somehow just add to the novel's overall charm. Connie's modest and school-teacher personality is another of many sexy cliches in the world of erotica and sexual fantasy.

The happy ending of The ESP Affair is pleasing and surprising, but only given that you DO NOT read the plot summary intro page inserted before the title page! Let the novel unfold and astonish you with no spoilers.

Having visited Alison Tyler's website and bibliography, I have found additional titles to covet; including a quaint and sexy-looking "Erotic Alphabet" series beginning with B is For Bondage (2007). Alison Tyler's more recent stand-alone novels that also look incredibly fun are With or Without You (2006) and Melt With You (2008).

      B Is for Bondage (Erotic Alphabet)   With Or Without You (Cheek)    Melt With You (Cheek)

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