Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Best Books of 2010

Each year I compile a list of the best books and novels I read during that particular year. I chose these books not only because of how well they are written, but also because they will indefinitely continue to stay in my mind weeks, months and even years from now. My 2010 selections are listed below in alphabetical order by author. The book-title links will open my review for that particular book in a new window. Enjoy!!

Blum, Jenna -- Those Who Save Us

          Those Who Save Us                   

Bohjalian, Chris -- Skeletons at the Feast

          Skeletons at the Feast [Hardcover]

Deaver, Jeffery -- The Bodies Left Behind

          The Bodies Left Behind: A Novel

Erskine, Barbara -- Lady of Hay

          Lady of Hay: Two Women, Eight Hundred Years, and the Destiny They Share

Graeme-Evans, Posie -- The Innocent

          The Innocent: A Novel

Harrigan, Stephen -- Challenger Park

          Challenger Park: A Novel

Kinsella, Sophie -- Remember Me?

          Remember Me?: A Novel

Masterton, Graham -- Master of Lies

          Master of Lies

Palahniuk, Chuck -- Haunted

          Haunted: A Novel

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