Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Master of Lies by Graham Masterton

Released: 1992

Master of Lies by horror-maestro Graham Masterton follows an investigation to nail a serial killer with the nickname of Fog City Satan. The Fog City Satan brutally murders entire families in a ritualistic-cult style and with help from the supernatural, is nearly unstoppable. The lead detective on the case, Larry Foggia, is drawn in against his will to become involved with this cult murder mayhem.

Master of Lies is worth picking up for the first chapter alone, which is super macabre, gruesome, bloody, sickening, and every other component you can possibly think of that belongs in a great horror novel. The first line of the book begins,

                              "Joe Berry fastidiously wiped up the last circles of
                               spaghetti sauce with a torn-off piece of sourdough
                               and then pushed his plate away, and that was the end
                               of the last meal he would ever eat."

What?! The last meal he would ever eat? Why? Is Masterton describing an old, ailing couple? Nope, the rest goes on to describe a young family and their terrible fate at the hands of the Fog City Satan. How can this harsh intro NOT grab horror-novelist fans?

Although Master of Lies begins with a bang, the book does trail off into police procedural business, which follows detective Larry Foggia as he investigates, interviews, attends seances and visits occult bookstores to research and nail the killer. There are a few additional gory scenes before we reach the ending climax, which, as is always the case with Masterton's work, is unpredictable.

Kudos to Graham Masterton for once again making me sick to my stomach and providing top-notch horror to the masses! As always, I'll be continuing to add his books to my reading wish-list.

Graham Masterton's newest titles are Basilisk and Fire Spirit.

          Basilisk         Fire Spirit

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