Friday, May 7, 2010

The Cradle Robbers by Ayelet Waldman

Released: 2006

The Cradle Robbers is the sixth book in Waldman's Mommy-Track mysteries.
Ayelet Waldman's The Cradle Robbers has lawyer-turned mommy Juliet investigating a case involving an infant that disappears while its mother Sandra is in prison. When Sandra is suddenly murdered behind bars, Juliet must work harder than ever to hunt down and locate the foster parents of Sandra's child.

I regretfully have to say that the story and mystery is boring and uninteresting, and there are just not enough characters and suspects in the book to make it fun to solve! The book has zero suspense and hardly any of the humor that is normally prevalent in Waldman's Mommy-Track series. I spent more time being appalled at how disgusting Juliet was throughout the book versus anything directly involving the plot.

The first chapter of The Cradle Robbers reveals to us how Juliet has not replaced a bed mattress that comes with their new house, and how their infant daughter has red spots all over her body due to the disease-ridden, bug-infested bed. Instead of being able to relate to Juliet as a mother myself, I found her habits to be disgustingly lazy! Other low points in the book feature how Juliet decides to let her infant sleep in poopy diapers, as well as recycling old milk bottles lying around the house. I may not be the most pristine, cleanest person on the planet, but even I wouldn't stoop that low in regards to my own son's health!

I also feel very sorry for Juliet's husband Peter, who works so hard to please her throughout the book between cooking dinner and taking care of the three children while Juliet gallivants around California working a case she is not getting paid to do. I strongly disagree with Juliet and her idiotic friends when they discuss how marriage, mothering, and sex just cannot simultaneously work together. Of course it can! You just need to have energy and not be so lazy! Ha!

I only finished The Cradle Robbers because it was short and I have one more after this to go in the series.

Readers who think this series sound like their cup of tea should start with book #1, Nursery Crimes, following with The Big Nap and A Playdate with Death.

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