Friday, May 7, 2010

Scared Stiff by Ramsey Campbell

Released: 2003

Ramsey Campbell's Scared Stiff is a compilation of short stories that combine elements of horror and sex.

The book is prefaced by an eloquent introduction by Clive Barker, which will give the impression that great reading is ahead. Sadly, I regret this isn't the case.

Campbell's grammar style is archaic and doesn't flow, making it hard to follow.

The first story entitled "Dolls" is about a coven of witches that engage in ritualistic orgies, and are inadvertently involved in the church. "Dolls" is a poor choice to begin a book with, and I immediately lost interest in the monotony and unoriginality of this story. I don't feel that beginning the book with a story rich in religious undertones is a great way to grab a common audience, and puts it in a weird niche that won't appeal to many readers.

Best of luck to the person that decides to read Scared Stiff. I genuinely hope you like it. I bought it from the bargain section of Barnes and Noble, so perhaps other people had similar feelings!

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