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Scared Stiff by Ramsey Campbell

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Released: 2003

Scared Stiff by Ramsey Campbell is a compilation of short stories that combine elements of horror and sex.

This book's preface is an eloquent introduction by Clive Barker, which gives the impression that great reading is ahead. I actually didn't enjoy this book at all.

Campbell's writing style feels a bit archaic and behind the times to me, and doesn't flow—making this book hard to follow.

The first story entitled "Dolls" is about a coven of witches who engage in ritualistic orgies, and who are involved in the church. I felt that "Dolls" was a poor choice to kick off the rest of this book, and I immediately lost interest in this monotonous and unoriginal story. I didn't feel that beginning Scared Stiff with a story rich in religious undertones was a great way to grab most readers. I wish had more to say, but I...just don't.

Ramsey Campbell is the bestselling author of several horror novels, including:
Midnight Sun
Ancient Images
Cold Print

Did you read Scared Stiff all the way through and if so, did you like it? What are your thoughts? Share your comments below.

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