Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Flirt by Kathleen Tessaro

Released: 2008

Kathleen Tessaro's The Flirt follows the lives of several people who are down in their luck with love, and centers around an organization that pays incredibly handsome men to flirt with women in order to enhance their love lives. The novel 's concept is extremely unique with a pleasing outcome that's worth the read.

The Flirt and its characters are very bohemian and classy, giving the book a Hollywood and fairytale-esque feel. The events transpiring at the end of the novel makes for a happy-ending and provides a positive outcome for the characters, which is a major plus for the reader's enjoyment factor! This book really makes one appreciate love and the people around you that you may take for granted.

I recommend The Flirt to any lover of chick-lit who is also open to a taste of great literature. Other great books by Kathleen Tessaro are: Elegance and Innocence. The author's newest book is The Debutante.


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