Friday, May 7, 2010

Aphrodite by Russell Andrews

Released: 2004

Russell Andrews' Aphrodite is a cleverly written suspense novel that combines stem-cell research, the pharmaceutical industry, and conspiracy involving the government wanting to keep it all a secret. At the novel's beginning, we are introduced to a few characters of vastly different personas and a brief background on each before they are murdered. Readers are let on to a mysterious entity called Aphrodite, which we learn is what is causing people to be killed.

Into the story walks hard-core detective Justin Westwood, who flees with the witness of one of the murders now that the government wants to permanently silence them with their knowledge of Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is written extremely well because of its high-quality suspense! Westwood's character is clever and straight to the point, which enhances much of the action in the book. There is no question when it comes to letting the bad guys live either. After readers get to know Susanna's character at the beginning of the book and the mystery around William Miller, we are immediately hooked and intrigued for the novel's remainder.

Other highlights of the book are Wallace Crabbe's frustration and diatribe on details being overlooked by companies and people in general in this day and age. I also found Andrews' conspiracy theory about the government and pharmaceuticals to be absolutely brilliant. An entire chapter is dedicated to this breakdown at the end of the book, and I devoured that chapter like none other.

I have put Andrews' other two books following this novel on my wish list, all featuring Justin Westwood. Great reading, I highly recommend! These titles are Midas and Hades.

          Midas     Hades

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