Saturday, May 8, 2010

October by Richard B Wright

Released: 2008

Richard B. Wright's October tells of the love-triangle between two young men and a woman in 1944 Europe. The two men, James and Gabriel, meet again decades later in their older age. Readers learn about how they met, their relationship, and the ultimate underlying reason as to why they spend time together again after so many years of being apart.

Bringing more depth to October is the fact that James' daughter has been diagnosed with cancer, and James' trip back to Europe to visit her causes him to cross paths with Gabriel, who has decided to experience a painless death through Euthanasia, legal only in specific parts of Europe.

Given October's main plot, I expected much more from this book in terms of self-discovery for the characters. In regards to the love triangle between James, Gabriel, and the woman Odette in 1944, Wright creates no chemistry or even a spark between these characters. Odette's personality is not appealing, and the love-triangle sub-plot is dull and bland. No inseparable bond between James and Gabriel can be gleaned either.

Overall, I honestly wouldn't waste your time on this book unless you want to get more of a feel for Euthanasia.

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