Friday, May 7, 2010

Secrets of a Shoe Addict by Beth Harbison

Released: 2009

I had to rate Secrets of a Shoe Addict a 10 because of its humor and quick pace.

Beth Harbison's Secrets of a Shoe Addict is a spin-off from Shoe Addicts Anonymous, and featuring former-character Sandra, the phone-sex operator. This particular novel starts off in Las Vegas with a new cast including Sandra's sister Tiffany, where each of the women get themselves into financial trouble. So unfolds the plot, in which Sandra recruits all the women to become phone-sex operators. Of course, in coming together to pay off their debts, this group of women become much closer friends and experience life-changing events together.

I love the pace of Harbison's writing and how she incorporates pop-culture throughout the novel, making it a fun read regardless if the material is time-sensitive or not. Sandra's blind dates are laugh-out-loud moments, and you must read this book to learn about the ventriloquist she dates and the Chuck E Cheese date. And really, who dresses up like a clown to have sex? Most of the phone-sex operator content is accurate, and I wonder if the author ever did phone sex for a short amount of time. If she hadn't, she really has performed great research!

Don't miss this book's predecessor, Shoe Addicts Anonymous!

                               Shoe Addicts Anonymous

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