Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Falcon Prince by Karen Kelley

Released: 2010

The Falcon Prince is the second paranormal romance novel in Karen Kelley's "Princes of Symtaria" series.

Rianna Lancaster is a small-town Texan dog groomer who has always had a special connection with animals. In addition to this special "gift", Rianna has always heard an alter-ego voice in her head that challenges her to be more adventurous and daring.

When handsome and sexy Prince Kristor materializes out of the fog to rescue Rianna from her boring life, she learns that she has LOTS more in common with Prince Kistor than she initially expects. The two embark on some crazy experiences together as Rianna discovers more about her powers and background.

While The Falcon Prince carries light humor of the chick-lit variety and provides readers with numerous visuals of Kristor's sexiness, the plot as a whole lacks intricacy. The novel prepares us for more to happen than what actually takes place; specifically regarding details on Rianna's inevitable planet-hopping and a conclusion around some actions taken by her best friend Carly to annihilate Kristor.

The verbiage of the featured sex scenes in The Falcon Prince are quite repetitive and would have been perfect had they been more descriptive and unique from one another. Given Rianna and Carly's characters are twenty-eight years old, Carly displays immaturity in being childish and jealous about Rianna and Kristor's developing romance. I'm sure this trait is more common in small towns from a protective standpoint, but this too is repetitive coming from Carly throughout the book.

The Falcon Prince is great for paranormal romance fans needing an entertaining release for a few hours. Readers who enjoy this book should also seek out its predecessor entitled The Jaguar Prince and should look out for The Wolf Prince being released later in 2010. The Falcon Prince will be released in August 2010.

                                   The Jaguar Prince

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