Friday, May 7, 2010

Kleopatra by Karen Essex

Released: 2002

This beautifully written historical fiction novel details Kleopatra's childhood and upbringing until she becomes queen at the age of 18, whereupon her story continues in the sequel titled Pharaoh.

Kleopatra gives us extravagant details about the Egyptian ways, and Essex does such a great job involving the reader without boring us with minute historical details or bragging about her knowledge of Kleopatra through her writing which is sometimes evident in some historical fiction novels.

Although Kleopatra is written to be a spoiled child, we will grow to fall in love and respect her as a person as the book progresses. We read of the transition from her childhood into young adulthood, and are brazen by her intelligence and growth as a character. By the end of the book when Kleopatra is named queen, we are excited for her to succeed and rule over her kingdom and people.

I had originally purchased this book to learn more about Kleopatra, and have absolutely no regrets, as this book definitely educates as well as entertains! I have placed Pharaoh on my ever-growing wish list and am excited to read it. Don't miss Karen Essex's new book Dracula in Love, scheduled to release in August 2010.

                  Pharaoh (Kleopatra, Volume II)       Dracula in Love

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