Friday, May 7, 2010

Ladies' Night by Jack Ketchum

Released: 2000

Jack Ketchum's Ladies' Night is one of his earliest novellas about women in New York who mysteriously turn into man-eating demons.

Ketchum provides us first of all with an introduction that glorifies this novel; telling us the history behind his writing of it as well as details about why it was shortened from its original length.

The novel has a "B"-horror-movie feel to it and doesn't really have as many disturbing elements in it compared to other horror novels. Yes, the novella is horrorific, but I have read scarier works by Graham Masterton or even Stephen King. The gore and horror elements have a very comical mood, and although I was grossed out while reading it and yelled "Ewwwww!" a few times, this novel just didn't give me bone-deep chills or the creeps.

I didn't like how there is no explanation as to why some chemical-laden vehicles crash at the beginning, or why a lollipop-smell causes all women to behave like maniacal, sex-crazed, life-sized rodents. Also, why does femme-fatale Elizabeth remain intact and doesn't go crazy like all the other women? Why are only women affected and men aren't? A lot of unanswered questions remain the behind. Or maybe I am being too analytical and not appreciating this horror novella for what it is: entertainment.
Better books I have read by Jack Ketchum are The Girl Next Door and She Wakes.

              The Girl Next Door     She Wakes

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