Friday, May 7, 2010

Death of a Rug Lord by Tamar Myers

Released: 2008

As a huge fan of Myers' "Den of Antiquity" series, I am supremely disappointed with Death of a Rug Lord.

Death of a Rug Lord has Abby solving a mystery behind antique rugs being replaced in people's homes with knock-offs, while the authentic rugs are being sold behind the owner's backs.

In comparison to the previous mysteries in this series, Death of a Rug Lord continually veers off into repeated distractions! The dialogue between the characters keeps meandering off into what I think Myers tries to attempt as comedy routines.

I officially lost interest when Abby and one of the Rob-Bobs walk into an office at a house party and encounter a 23-year old making out with a drag queen...? Huh? From that point on, it becomes extremely hard to stay on track with the "real" conversations because the goofiness is out of control. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE silliness and humor in books, but the humor in Death of a Rug Lord is so far off the charts that it isn't even enjoyable. It's like reading the script of a corny junior high school play.

I stuck it out with Death of a Rug Lord because I like staying faithful to Tamar Myers. Normally you can count on these books to help you through a tough day or just for plain, sheer enjoyment and relaxation.

I also really missed interaction with C.J. and Mozella Wiggins. Although they were both featured in this book, it wasn't enough to satisfy me. The Rob-Bob's are nice characters, but not electric enough to build an entire plot involving them as prime characters.

The Den of Antiquity series begins with Larceny and Old Lace, and follows with Gilt by Association, The Ming and I, and So Faux So Good.

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