Friday, May 7, 2010

Mercury in Retrograde by Paula Froelich

Released: 2009

Mercury in Retrograde is chick-lit in all its glory, with close glimpses inside the life of socialites and fashion designers. The novel is incredibly short under 300 pages, making the novel a fast and fun read, but also not lasting long enough for readers who truly enjoy the chick-lit genre.

Mercury in Retrograde is very light and enjoyable once you get used to the cadence of Froelich's style. It was heavy for me personally at first, only because I do not keep up with socialite and fashionistas in general, so I stumbled for a bit over all the slang and pop-culture related to these worlds. However, if you are a reader of Vogue or Harper's Bazaar for instance, you'll have no problem relating to the characters of these women and the novel's content.

I feel that the author, Paula Froelich, has a GREAT sense of humor, especially when writing about Penelope's experience working in television media. Because of this, I feel the book could have been expanded, and gone into more detail between having the characters get better revenge and falling in love or dating.

The novel is also incredibly predictable. Before we are officially given the facts, readers will know who Lipstick's stalker is, as well as what Penelope's love-interest Thomas REALLY does every night after work.

All things considering, Mercury in Retrograde is very fun and enjoyable, and I look forward to seeing a better book provided by Froelich in the future!

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