Friday, May 7, 2010

Time After Time by Denise Little

Released: 2005

Time After Time is another compilation of fantasy and science-fiction stories from editor Denise Little featuring components of time-travel and alternate universes.

Half of the stories in this book are awesome! The rest of the stories, I'm sorry to say, just make you want to fall asleep.

My favorite stories are "The Ghost of the Garden Lounge", "The Last Vampire", "God's PDA", and "Chained". My least favorite stories are "The Righteous Path" and "Jesus H. Christ". To the editor's credit though, the better stories left me wanting more in most cases. For example, in "Chained", I wanted to know more about the Items (antiques and historical artifacts) scattered around the world!

I don't think I'm going to pursue obtaining any more anthologies by Denise Little. The stories are hit and miss and the majority of them just aren't very fun or enjoyable.

If you do like crazy and wacky anthologies of this nature, I would recommend checking into other compilations by Denise Little, such as: Enchantment Place, Mystery Date, and Cosmic Cocktails.

        Enchantment Place Mystery Date Cosmic Cocktails

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