Friday, May 7, 2010

Across the Street by Georges Simenon

Released: 1992

Simenon's books are always so simply-written and flow easily, and Across the Street is no exception.

Dominique is nearly 40 years old and lives by herself in an apartment. She spends her entire existence spying on her neighbors, and one day witnesses someone across the street neglecting a sick husband as she lets him die. Dominique becomes obsessed and enraptured with the young 20-something woman who "murders" her husband, and continues to spy on her and the rest of her family even outside of the apartment.

We learn that Dominique's upbringing may have been dysfunctional and that the love of her life died at one point, which definitely explains her odd behavior. After witnessing the daily life of the young murderess, one would think Dominique would generate her own ideas as to how to make her life more fun and exciting.
Across the Street is definitely unique, but not one of the author's better titles.

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