Friday, July 1, 2011

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler

Released: March 2010

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is the third memoir by the ever-entertaining comedian Chelsea Handler. If you can't handle nasty or raunchy, then this book isn't for you -- but if you loved Sarah Silverman's The Bedwetter and all of Jenny McCarthy's memoirs, then make sure to pick this one up.

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is comprised of stories about random, crazy adventures and incidents from Handler's past. This specific memoir also includes pictures to go along with the stories, which is an excellent addition that was absent from her previous books and definitely adds to its overall humor and value.

Although Handler glorifies taking a plethora of sleeping pills on a regular basis (among other types of random pills) and dedicates an entire chapter to learning how to masturbate at 8-years old, I've gotta hand it to her for inducing such an enormous shock value. She certainly knows how to tell a great story, even if she is a big fat whopping liar!

My favorite part of Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang is when she comments on her thoughts while watching Sister of the Traveling Period (er, Pants I mean) because I've said the same things about those movies. I highly doubt that pair of jeans fits both Blake Lively and America Ferrera, because they're totally the same size...and what ABOUT crotch sweat or periods? But I digress...Chelsea Handler's comments may disgust you or crack you up; for me, she does both. Her memoirs are definitely fun to read if you're looking for easy entertainment.

Handler's latest book is Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me (May 2011).

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