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Special Agent's Surrender by Carla Cassidy

Released: February 2011

Carla Cassidy is a prolific romance novelist who has had a number of books published under the Silhouette and Harlequin labels. Special Agent's Surrender is part of the "Lawmen of Black Rock" series.

On a cold, snowy evening in the middle of winter, the cute and sexy Layla West - a realtor and broker - is attacked by a man hiding in the back seat of her car. After she is able to escape from the serial killer with barely a scratch, Layla is exiled to a cabin hidden deep in the local woods until her stalker can be caught and executed.

Layla's fear soon turns to curious excitement though, when she learns that she will be occupying the cabin with the sexy Jacob Grayson - brother of the local sheriff and a former FBI agent who can keep her safe from harm. After being forced to spend several days and several nights cooped up with one another, Layla and Jacob can't deny their impending love for each other, even in the midst of danger.

I fell in love with this novel prematurely after reading Cassidy's "Dear Reader" intro prior to the beginning of the book. Cassidy describes Jacob's character as a "tortured hero," which is intriguing and sexy all in itself. Special Agent's Surrender then segues into a fast-paced, romantic suspense novel that is hard to put down. Not usually a fan of romance myself, I finished the book within a 24-hour time period.

The chemistry between Layla and Jacob is cute and fun, and the flirtations are even more intense than the sex scenes. Since the novel is very short in length and there are only a handful of characters, the "intrigue" and mystery portion of the novel is ridiculously easy to solve, but who cares?! The novel is fun, sexy, and overall enjoyable.

Readers who enjoy Special Agent's Surrender will also enjoy Cassidy's other books in the series; including His Case, Her Baby (February 2010), The Lawman's Nanny Op (June 2010), Cowboy Deputy (December 2010), and Tool Belt Defender (December 2011).

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