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Too Wilde to Tame by Janelle Denison

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Released: September 2005

Janelle Denison's Too Wilde to Tame is the 7th book in the Wilde series - a series in which each novel focuses on a member of the Wilde family. Although this novel is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Dreamworld's Synopsis

Mia Wilde lives up to her name in regards to being wild in various ways - by brandishing a sassy attitude to people constantly, dancing with strangers at the club, and joining wet t-shirt contests. However, although Mia puts on a front to make people believe she is wild, she is actually just a kind, sweet person and talented, aspiring stained-glass artist waiting for Mr. Right to come along.

When Mia begins to receive disturbing letters and pictures of herself in the mail accusing her of being a trampy slut and whore, she seeks help from Cameron Sinclair, a sexy private investigator with whom she has a history of mild flirtation. After they begin spending time together, private investigation is not the only business going on between Mia and Cameron - especially since their sexual chemistry lands them in the bedroom nearly every time they see each other.

Mia and Cameron's bedroom appetite eventually leads the two sex maniacs to develop true and genuine feelings for one another, but Mia is intent on continuing with her charade and wild-girl image to prevent herself from getting hurt from an emotional standpoint. Does Mia end up with Cameron, or does she stick to being a wild-child?

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Dreamworld's Review

When Too Wilde to Tame opens from Cameron's point of view in the dance club where he encounters Mia, you'll most likely hate Mia from the get-go - after all, she does seem really trampy and slutty, not to mention stuck-up and annoying. However, once we read the book from Mia's point of view starting in Chapter 2, we begin to warm up to the harlot. Her character is actually not too different from many beautiful club-hopping girls who know they can get any man they want. In other words, it won't take too long for Mia to grow on you.

Romance fans who really enjoy reading hot, steamy, borderline-erotica sex will love Too Wilde to Tame because Mia and Cameron get hot and heavy in nearly every chapter. As a bonus, the sex scenes contain a satisfying variety because Mia and Cameron rarely perform the same sex acts and positions twice.

Denison writes a smart and snappy contemporary romance novel! Although the mystery behind the identity of the person sending Mia the offensive letters and photographs is predictable, anticipating the inevitable face-off between the characters is fun to look forward to.

For a second there, I was pretty sure Denison was going to end the novel with happily-ever-after for Mia and Cameron, but I suppose every romance novel is not without its lover's tiff. I was hoping she would break the mold with happily-ever-after and no fighting.

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Dreamworld's Recommendation

YES! I highly recommend Too Wilde to Tame to all contemporary romance fans and fans of the romance genre in general. For those who prefer romance with mild sex content, beware that this novel contains a lot of juicy, sexy sex. I've decided I'd like to read the 8th and next book in the series about Joel Wilde called Born to Be Wilde (2007).

Janelle Denison's other books in the Wilde series are Wilde Thing (2003), The Wilde Side (2004), and Wild for Him (2008).

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What are your favorite contemporary romance novels? Have you read any of Denison's books, and if so, what did you think?

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