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Long Time Coming by Robert Goddard

Released: February 2010

Robert Goddard is a prolific mystery and suspense novelist, and has been nominated for the Edgar Award. Long Time Coming is his 21st novel.

Dreamworld's Synopsis

For over 30 years, Stephen Swan's uncle, Eldritch Swan, has been wasting his life away in an Irish prison. Upon his release in 1976, Eldritch informs his nephew Stephen that he was innocent of the crime for which he was accused. Eldritch then shares with Stephen the story leading up to his imprisonment that began at the beginning of WWII, and involves the disappearance of some very invaluable art by Picasso.

Although Eldritch's story has begun years earlier, it is evident that the business involving the stolen art is not yet finished. Eldritch, Stephen, and their new friend Rachel Banner find themselves close to being murdered as they help Eldritch resolve the initial crime for which he was committed.

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Dreamworld's Review

Long Time Coming is the first novel I've ever read by the esteemed Goddard. Although it took me a few weeks to get through the first few chapters, it wasn't long before I was hooked. Long Time Coming is full of plot twists and I highly doubt that the most seasoned of mystery readers will ever figure out what's going on before the novel's end.

Long Time Coming tells its story in 2 timelines: Eldritch's timeline post-WWII, and present day (or, at least present day for Stephen Swan in 1976). The mystery is very complex, and this is mainly why the story is so fascinating. Each chapter of the novel digs you deeper and deeper into the core mystery and plot. The conclusion of Long Time Coming is also very satisfying and will leave you feeling smug when revenge is distributed appropriately.

Dreamworld's Recommendation

Readers who enjoy spy and espionage novels will absolutely love their experience with Long Time Coming. Fans of crime and mystery will also enjoy the novel, although it has more of a literary appeal than the common mainstream and procedural crime novels.

Other recent releases by Robert Goddard include Blood Count (2011), Found Wanting (2008), Name to a Face (2007), and Sight Unseen (2005).

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