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The Concubine's Gift by K. Ford K.

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Released: December 2011

The Concubine's Gift is the first novel by indie author K. Ford K.

Dreamworld's Synopsis 

In the small Nevada town of Valentine, a very proper and shy 39-year-old wife and mother of two named Bernice Babbitt lives vicariously through her secret collection of antique, erotic sex toys. Living in a town known for its history of prostitutes and a bordello, Bernice can't help but be drawn into the taboo world of erotica.

One day, Bernice purchases an old, antique makeup case that was previously owned by a famous Hong Kong concubine known as "Blissful Night." Hidden in a glued drawer inside the makeup case is a mysterious jar of makeup powder leftover from Blissful Night's days as a concubine.

Rapt by the notion of finding the powder, Bernice applies it to her face and is not only gifted with enhanced natural beauty, but is also gifted with the past and future visions of the sex lives of those around her. The reserved and inhibited Bernice must then find a way to put her visions to good use, or be haunted by the erotic visions indefinitely for as long as she uses the powder to enhance her beauty.

Dreamworld's Review 

The Concubine's Gift is more of a novella than a full novel - not just for its short length, but also for its short-story style. The first chapter introduces readers to the history of Valentine and its infamous bordello, before segueing into present-day town life and the story of Bernice. It's within the first two chapters that Ford sets the tone and backdrop for the novel. After this point, the novel becomes quite the sexy ride.

The concept of The Concubine's Gift is very original - especially the erotic scenes that Ford describes Bernice having witnessing. Although the erotica scenes are not as explicitly hard-core as those found in most other erotica novels, Ford writes them in a manner that allows readers to use their imaginations to "fill in the blanks."

I personally loved Bernice's erotic visions because the sex scenes were indeed very original, bohemian, and one-of-a-kind. With former ties to the adult industry myself, I am actually very curious about Ford's inspiration for some of these scenes! They'll definitely leave you fantasizing about them when you're done.

Overall, The Concubine's Gift is a fun, short romp and glimpse into the sex lives and fetishes of common, everyday people you talk to on a daily basis; especially those who are often on the quiet and inhibited side. It's a very entertaining reminder that you will most likely never, ever truly know what goes on in the private sex lives of those around you.

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What did you think about The Concubine's Gift? What are your favorite erotica novels and authors? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below!


  1. This book looks interesting. I also like Alison Tyler. I read The Esp Affair a while ago.

  2. Actually, The ESP Affair is what made me fall in love with Alison Tyler initially! I featured a review on The ESP Affair awhile back here: Dreamworld Book Reviews - The ESP Affair

  3. Sounds fun and sexual -might have to try it. Thanx for the review.

  4. Seems like an interesting erotica book for sure. The sex parts sound unique and I like your use of the word "bohemian." LOL! Will look it up on Amazon.


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