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The Lies That Bind by Kate Carlisle

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Released: November 2010

The Lies That Bind is the 3rd novel in the Bibliophile cozy mystery series by Kate Carlisle. This series is a new favorite of mine, and I may just have to include it in another one of my blog posts entitled The 7 Best Cozy Mystery Series. I keep ordering these books like crazy because I can't get enough!

The Lies That Bind picks up just a few weeks after If Books Could Kill (when our book restoration protagonist Brooklyn Wainwright visits Edinburgh, Scotland to attend a book fair and her ex-boyfriend gets murdered). In this one, Brooklyn is hired to teach a bookbinding class at Bay Area Book Arts (BABA, for short), which is ran by a horribly mean lady named Layla Fontaine whom nobody else at BABA can tolerate. Shortly after Brooklyn begins her teaching stint at BABA, Layla is murdered and of course Brooklyn jumps right back into her amateur sleuthing to figure out whodunit.

Like its two predecessors in the Bibliophile mystery series, The Lies That Bind is just as light, humorous, and fun to read. The usual cast of characters is in this one, including Minka, Derek, Robin, Brooklyn's parents, Guru Bob, and the mysterious Gabriel—the latter of whom is featured more in this book than in the others.

As far as the mystery goes, seasoned cozy mystery readers will likely guess who killed Layla, even if the "why" behind the murder isn't too clear at first. Mystery-solving aside, fans of this series or of cozy mysteries in general will appreciate the time they spend reading The Lies That Bind.

Here are my reviews of the first 2 books in this series: Homicide in Hardcover and If Books Could Kill.

Also, here are the next several books that follow The Lies That Bind in Kate Carlisle's Bibliophile cozy mystery series, as featured on Amazon.com:

4. Murder Under Cover (2011)
5. One Book in the Grave (2012)
6. Peril in Paperback (2012)
7. A Cookbook Conspiracy (2013)
8. The Book Stops Here (2014)
9. Ripped From the Pages (2015)

Do you read this mystery series, and if so, what are your thoughts about it?

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