Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Lust by Nancy Pearl

Released: 2003

Nancy Pearl is a long-time librarian and writes book reviews for both local and national publications. Her book expertise and recommendations are gathered in Book Lust, a compilation of books of all genres for every mood, moment, and reason as is her catch-phrase.

Thumbing through Book Lust, you'll find the most intriguing categories and descriptions of books and novels you most likely would never have thought to pick up! Pearl writes small plot summaries and shares personal thoughts on each title; just enough for a sample you'll want to indulge more in.

I have chosen HUNDREDS of titles from Book Lust, yet it still constantly presents a multitude of new suggestions each time I pick it up. There are probably thousands of recommendations within the book!

Pearl peppers Book Lust with several obscure, unique and intriguing categories; such as Black Humor, Books about Books, Elvis on my Mind, New Orleans, and really is hard to single out just a few because all the categories are amazing. Pearl also features sections showcasing specific authors; such as Ian McEwan, Connie Willis, and Hamilton Basso, just to name a few. It will be nearly impossible for you to pick up this title and not walk away with some great ideas for your book wish list.

I am proud to say I've discovered some new favorite books through Book Lust that I'll never forget such as Miss Lizzie by Walter Satterthwait, as well as some not-so-good titles like The Lecturer's Tale by James Hynes.

Book lovers MUST pick up a copy of Book Lust if you haven't already! You're really missing out!

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