Friday, April 30, 2010

Classic Stories I by Ray Bradbury

Released: 1990

I originally picked up Bradbury's Classic Stories because it contains The Exiles, a short story that mentions The Wizard of Oz of which I am obsessed with reading about and a huge fan. The book is a compilation of Bradbury's short stories taken from The Golden Apples of the Sun and R is For Rocket.

While Ray Bradbury is more widely known as a sci-fi/fantasy author, Classic Stories is more of a blend of all his works, classic fiction included.

Although I can appreciate that Ray Bradbury has produced classic works, his science fiction is too outdated for me to enjoy. The majority of them were written in the 1950s, and many of his stories take place during years that have already come and gone, like 1997. His material is not time-sensitive, and our modern technology has waaaaay surpassed Bradbury's fantasies. The book is more comedic than anything, and I read several of them out loud to my family for entertainment.

My favorite stories are "The Big Black and White Game" which demonstrates revenge at its finest, and "A Sound of Thunder" about a devastating time-travel experience. Well done!

I've already read Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes and Fahrenheit 451, and I highly doubt I'll be reading any more of his work. I'd rather move on and stick to more recently written science fiction.

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