Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Tale of the Black Casket by James W. Allen

Released: 2003

The Tale of the Black Casket is a novella about a man named David Fine who murders his business partner and best friend Stan Well over money manners. Shortly after David buries Stan several miles away, he begins to receive creepy phone calls from beyond the grave.

Seasoned readers will realize that the author, James W. Allen was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe for his plot that concludes with a Michael Jackson "Thriller"-esque ending. Even creepier than the story is Allen's protagonist, David Fine, a sleazy womanizer who nearly gets his way with three different women in town in the midst of dealing with creepy phone calls that threaten David's well-being. The phone calls connect to David regardless if the line is dead, the phone is broken, or even if the phone is a children's toy. Redundantly, David reacts and responds exactly the same to each phone call. Editing is strongly needed throughout the book, which if done will greatly improve the choppy reading experience.

The Tale of the Black Casket is mildly entertaining, and the ending will make you chuckle with its dark humor. Especially when David seduces bar matron Jill and massages her "virginity", bringing her closer to her "womanhood".

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