Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Secrets to Die For by L.J. Sellers

Released: 2010

L.J. Sellers' Secrets to Die For is an incredibly dark murder mystery about a serial rapist who targets homosexual women. Secrets to Die For is very unpredictable, and will have you turning the pages with rapt anticipation and genuine interest!

Detective Wade Jackson investigates the murder of a young social worker, Raina Hughes, who is found brutally raped and left for dead near the home of a meth addict whose son was under Raina's supervision. As the investigation unravels, we find out secrets that connect the previous rape victims whose lives were spared. Raina's lover Jamie Conner soon goes missing and readers follow Jackson on his pursuit of the killer.

I found Sellers' Secrets to Die For very morbid and disturbing, which makes for a sincerely creepy murder mystery! It was unpredictable to the point of leaving me wondering if the novel would have a happy ending in bringing the killer to justice or if we would be left frustrated should more victims die. Once I began reading Secrets to Die For, I couldn't take a break and read it all in one sitting because it was that exciting.

Although I have finished the book, I feel as if I still need to warm up to Detective Wade Jackson. I found his honesty endearing when he admitted being ignorant to homosexuality in general and I can understand that detectives are hardened and cold, but overall I didn't feel as if we really got to know him. I felt closer to supporting characters Jamie and reporter Sophie Speranza because their inner monologues were more personable and revealing.

I am looking forward to reading more of L.J. Sellers' mystery series featuring Detective Jackson, and I am curious to see how his character develops in future novels. Readers should start with The Sex Club, which is Sellers' debut novel featuring Detective Jackson.

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