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Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg

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Released: April 2009

Home Safe is one of many amazing novels by bestselling and prolific author Elizabeth Berg. This one is by far one of her most memorable, and I've read them all!

Here's the synopsis of Home Safe.

Helen Ames is a bestselling author and recent widow struggling with writer's block as she tries to adjust to life without her husband. Helen's late husband was in charge of managing their finances, so when Helen discovers there's very little money left for her on which to live comfortably, it comes as quite a shock. Why are thousands of dollars missing from their bank account, and what on earth did her husband spend it on?

 Now, Helen must find a way to pay her bills without a savings account to fall back on, and without inspiration to fuel her latest novel. Helen also decides to investigate her husband's secret financial affairs, which leads to a discovery that shakes up her entire world.

Berg gives us an intimate look into Helen's mind without making her seem vulnerable. Home Safe is highly intimate and written in a way that will make you feel strongly connected to Helen. It makes me wonder whether Helen's character is similar to Berg herself!

Those who like to read and write will most likely love this novel. Berg describes Helen as being a closet "people-watcher" for content inspiration and ideas, and regales us with entertaining observations throughout the book (such as the fact that Helen enjoys the smell of dog paws because they smell deliciously like corn chips). Everyone has fun little thoughts such as these, and some of us have nobody to share them with when they do pop into our minds.

The other characters in Home Safe are just as charming as Helen, including Helen's 27-year-old daughter Tessa and Helen's much-loving parents. One of my favorite parts in the novel is when Helen attempts to pick out clothes for her daughter—an editor of a prominent beauty magazine. Though Helen is convinced a particular sweater is stylish, Berg makes it perfectly clear to readers that it's clearly not stylish for anyone under 70 years old! The humor in Home Safe is so cute and funny.

Home Safe delivers a genuinely surprising plot that will keep you guessing until the end. The ending definitely caught me off guard, why is another reason I think this novel is so grand. I highly recommend Home Safe not only to fans of Elizabeth Berg, but to anyone who appreciates beautiful writing.

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