Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Questions to Ask Before Marrying by Melissa Senate

Released: June 2008

Melissa Senate has written a slew of chick-lit books; Questions to Ask Before Marrying is her last title under the Red Dress Ink label.

Fraternal twins Ruby and Stella Miller have a lot of questions to answer before they turn thirty; such as -- why did their father abandon them years ago? Should Ruby (soon to be Ruby Truby) focus on her love for her fiance Tom or lust after her long-time friend Nick? Also, can Stella hunt down a man she experienced a one-night stand with -- to tell him she is pregnant with his child? To seek answers for all their questions, the Miller sisters embark on a cross-country road trip from Maine to Las Vegas before they are forced to make the biggest decisions of their lives.

Melissa Senate's novels are guaranteed to allow you to drift away to a romantic fantasy-world -- if only for a few hours at a time, and Questions to Ask Before Marrying is no exception. Women will easily relate to the plot because the Miller sisters face dilemmas we're curious to figure out ourselves! After all -- what IS the right choice when stuck between having to choose whether you should marry the man you can always rely on versus marrying the man who makes your heart race? In the most enjoyable way possible, Melissa Senate explores whether true love is as easy as fairy-tales make it out to be or attainable only through hard work.

For what many consider to be part of the chick-lit genre, Questions to Ask Before Marrying is one of the best of its kind. It's not too cheesy or as unrealistic as other novels in the genre and satisfies your need for perfect reading entertainment.

Other amazing novels by Melissa Senate I recommend are See Jane Date (2001), Whose Wedding is it Anyway? (2004) and The Breakup Club (2006).

                 See Jane Date     Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? (Red Dress Ink)     The Breakup Club (Red Dress Ink)

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