Saturday, March 26, 2011

Steamed by Jessica Conant-Park, Susan Conant

Released: February 2007

Mother and daughter Susan Conant and Jessica Conant-Park have teamed up to write Steamed, the first book in the Gourmet Girl series. Susan Conant is the author of the much-popular Dog Lover's and Cat Lover's mystery series.

Chloe Carter is going to school studying social work although her real passion lies in the culinary arts. A victim of horrible relationships, the cute and perky red-headed queen of disaster ventures into internet-dating hoping to meet that special someone. When Chloe goes on the worst blind date ever, she's in for more than boredom when she stumbles upon her dead date in the restaurant's bathroom. While attending her blind date's funeral, Chloe meets and falls for Josh, a highly successful -- and sexy -- chef, but unfortunately he's also the murder suspect. Thus, Chloe must solve the crime and expose the real murderer before her culinary hottie is put behind bars.

Steamed is part cozy mystery, part chick-lit, which is an excellent niche to be in right now. The novel is hilarious and entertaining; with Chloe and her supporting cast of characters being remarkably normal and likable. It's refreshing to read about an everyday girl who doesn't quite have it all together yet in terms of an established career and fairytale-like lifestyle because it makes her incredibly easy to relate to! When you sit down to read Steamed, make sure your refrigerator is stocked because it will definitely make you hungry. As a bonus, Steamed also includes delectable recipes of the meals at the end of the book that are featured within.

Since the release of Steamed in 2006, the Conant-Park team have released four additional Gourmet Girl mysteries! The next books in the series are Simmer Down (2007), Turn Up the Heat (2007), Fed Up (2009), and Cook the Books (2010).

  Simmer Down (Gourmet Girl Mystery)    Turn Up the Heat (A Gourmet Girl Mystery)    Fed Up    Cook the Books (Gourmet Girls Mysteries)

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