Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Behind the Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassedy

Released: 1985

Behind the Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassedy is one of the best pieces of literature a young adult could read. The book is detailed, emotional, and magical, and I've kept the copy I've had as a young girl myself for over twenty years! I recently decided to read it again and found it to be timeless and engaging even as an adult.

Behind the Attic Wall is about the life of Maggie, a young girl who is orphaned and sent to a boarding school run by some distant relatives. Maggie is a typical troublemaker; ill-behaved, distraught, and admirably adventurous. With no friends, and no love lost between her distant relatives running the school, Maggie is alone most the time. While exploring one afternoon, Maggie discovers a secret hidden room within the expansive, old boarding house full of history. Entering the secret room, Maggie befriends some life-like dolls and finally begins to learn what real love and friendship is all about.

The premise sounds creepy, but is actually very intriguing and enchanting when you're reading about it. Readers will also realize there are more secrets about these dolls than Cassedy is letting on.

We see Maggie grow from a distant, upset little girl into a more loving, caring, and open young person. The ending of Behind the Attic Wall will make readers cry as we put the mystery behind the dolls in the attic wall altogether.


  1. This was one of my favourite books as a child. At 29, I just ordered it and reread it. It is still as haunting, beautiful and enchanting as it was the first time. A great read that stays with you forever.

  2. Haha! I am 29 too, and I read it OVER and OVER again for years. Funny...I also re-ordered it in my adulthood. It stays in my permanent collection now!


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