Friday, March 26, 2010

A Writer's Love Story by Robert E. Wacaster

Released: 2009

A Writer's Love Story tells the story of how best-selling author Robert Wacaster meets Katie Benson, the executive assistance of Wacaster's editor, and sweeps her off her feet. Unfortunately, Robert is only in New York City for business, and eventually must separate himself from Katie to return to California. Their long-distance relationship must stand the test of real love.

I am still unsure at this point if this contemporary romance novel is meant to be fiction or a biography about Robert Wacaster, especially since both the author and his main character share the exact same name. This fact alone made it difficult for me as a reader to enjoy the magic of A Writer's Love Story's romantic and fictional elements.

I also could not conjure up any true chemistry between Robert and Katie aside from their given dialogue. To be brought more into the world of the characters, it would have been essential to read more descriptions and inner-monologues; for example, Katie exclaims several times throughout the book that Robert is handsome, but why does she think so? Robert spends lots of money on material items for Katie and her sister Jill to be nice and to help, but why is this enough of a trigger for falling in love? Readers aren't entirely privy to inside details, which makes it hard to relate to the situation and become part of their world. I believe Robert and Katie's relationship would be more believable and less superficial if there were more content surrounding their dialogue. While the dialogue is great and funny at times, it cannot stand alone to make A Writer's Love Story really shine.

Despite my removed feelings toward A Writer's Love Story, I would love to read Wacaster's other works, specifically Adventures in Casino Security.

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