Saturday, March 13, 2010

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John C. Maxwell

Released: 2010

John C. Maxwell's latest installment focuses on improving speech and presentation to connect with people. Although we may be great at our careers and niches, some lack the skills to connect with people, which can make or break our advancement.

Maxwell's writing style always flows and reads like a story we'll remember as opposed to a boring business lecture, and this is what makes his books great! Maxwell incorporates personal stories and experiences that make reading the book fun to those who stray away or are intimidated by business tomes. Maxwell's message is so simple and sinks in, the knowledge easy enough to understand without note-taking.

The low point of the book was the tirade written by his writer Charlie Wetzel in Chapter 5, which describes his own perspective on Maxwell's connection skills. The piece is redundant and boring and glorifies Maxwell's amazing skills to the point where we roll our eyes and yearn to skip ahead. Directly after this tirade, Maxwell immediately comments on his awareness of this to be self-serving which is quite comical, but it still doesn't redeem the boring tirade.

Overall, the book is extremely beneficial and helpful from an interpersonal communications standpoint. For introverted people like me who do great work but fail to be social and connect, this book will help develop you.

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