Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lost Futures by Lisa Tuttle

Released: 1992

Lisa Tuttle's Lost Futures is the story of Clare Beckett, who finds herself jumping from one alternate reality to the next through a whirlwind of different lives she could have led. The alternate realities are also, in a sense, dreams in which Clare cannot tell if the current life she is leading is a dream or reality.

Lost Futures is extremely well written, and isn't so much part of the horror genre as one would expect picking up this novel. The book reads more as suspense fiction or literature.

Lisa Tuttle paints an accurate picture of dreaming and how confusing dreams can be when you're unsure of your place and the difference between the dream and reality. I think many people often think about what they would be doing in their "other" lives had we taken a different path, and this is what makes the book intriguing.

Clare's grief is so abundant toward the end of the novel that we want her to finally settle in and stay attached to the world she wants without any further jumps. The ending was a bit abrupt to me, but it pleased me all the same.

Lost Futures is an enjoyable read and flowed nicely. I definitely recommend it to fans of Lisa Tuttle!

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