Thursday, March 11, 2010

Syrup by Maxx Barry

Released: 2000

Maxx Barry's Syrup is an absolutely HILARIOUS satire about marketing and Corporate America. Barry's first novel is so sarcastic and unique that readers won't help but love it!

Scat is a young twenty-something man who develops a new brand of soda called Fukk. While preparing to have it officially branded and presented to a massive corporation leading in soda products, his roommate Sneaky Pete steals his invention and tries to pass it off as his own.

Coming to Scat's rescue to help him undermine the competition is 6. Yes, that's the woman's name, the number '6'. Scat and 6 have a developing relationship in terms of romaticism, but throughout the book she informs him she's a lesbian, which I suspect is to keep Scat's focus on the important mission at hand versus love.

Other zany character names are California and @ (yes, the @ symbol), which only adds to Syrup's irresistible charm. Syrup is also interesting because readers will learn marketing and strategy tidbits, for anyone still trying to get ahead and climb the corporate ladder in this day and age. Although Syrup was written in 1999, the book is timeless and not as time-sensitive as one might think, given all the changes in the world since 1999.

The chapters in Syrup are extremely short and sometimes only a page long, which makes for a fast-paced, goofy yet fun, read.

I loved Syrup and highly recommend it!

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